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At JMS, we are committed to providing our clients with timely and relevant information in regard to financial markets, the economy, regulatory changes, personal finance and other topics of interest. Please visit us on a regular basis to check out our most up-to-date content.


Research & Commentary


Meet Jerome Powell

- JMS Team, November 2017


The Next Fed Head

-JMS Team, October 2017


Q3 2017 Market Commentary

- JMS Team, October 2017


Let's Get Trendy!

- JMS Team, September 2017


Q2 2017 Market Commentary

- JMS Team, July 2017


Global Politics: Present State of Affairs

- JMS Team, May 2017


The Promise of Good Stewardship: Dan Rooney & ESG Investing

- JMS Team, April 2017


Q1 2017 Market Commentary

- JMS Team, April 2017

Q4 2016 Market Commentary

- JMS Team, January 2017


Alternative Investment Strategies Meet Traditional Goals

- JMS Team, December 2016


 Q3 2016 Market Commentary

- JMS Team, October 2016





 Topics of Interest


College is Coming - Have You Started Saving Yet?

-JMS Team, October 2017


Fiduciary Responsibilities Matter!

- AllianceBernstein, August 2017


To Retire With Confidence, Have a Plan

- JMS Team, August 2017


Why is the Federal Reserve so Controversial?

- JMS Team, August 2017


Stock Buybacks

 - JMS Team, July 2017


The Basics of Tax Loss Harvesting

 - JMS Team, June 2017


Managing Multiple Accounts - a Taxing Endeavor

 - JMS Team, June 2017


7 Reasons a Roth IRA May Be a Good Idea

 - JMS Team, June 2017


Medicare Premiums and Copayments

 - JMS Team, May 2017


In an Era of Low Returns, Investors Need to Save More

 - JMS Team, March 2017


Investors Need to Understand Their Risk

 - JMS Team, February 2017 


When Should You Claim Social Security?

 - JMS Team, January 2017





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