Solutions For Individuals

Solutions For Individuals:

Our comprehensive financial planning process ensures that all aspects of your financial future are addressed.


Risk Tolerance Assessment

An individual's willingness and ability to take on risk is a key component of any investment strategy and asset allocation plan. JMS utilizes a digital, sophisticated risk assessment tool to help us identify each investors' acceptable level of risk and reward with unrivaled accuracy.

Investment Management

JMS Wealth Services believes in building high quality, globally diversified portfolios which are customized to reflect your individual needs and goals. The construction of client investment portfolios begins with understanding what you want to accomplish with your money and evaluating you overall risk tolerance.

Once we determine the broad parameters which dictate the balance within a client’s portfolio, we execute an investment strategy using some combination of three distinct approaches:

  • • Income generation through direct ownership of real estate

  • • Volatility reduction through our wealth preservation strategy which includes fixed income and alternative investment strategies

  • • Long-term growth through our wealth appreciation strategy which is comprised of global equity investments

Tax Planning

Incorporating the impact of taxes into decision making is an important component of a strong financial plan. Asset location is an extremely important tax consideration; it is a strategy that determines the proper account in which to place investments in order to maximize after-tax returns. Tax-loss harvesting is another important tax strategy designed to minimize current and future tax liabilities. In addition, we work hand in hand with our client’s CPA to ensure decisions are made with a complete understanding of financial circumstances.

Insurance Strategies & Solutions

Life Insurance can be an integral part of the overall planning process but is often either overlooked or sold by someone who does not consider your complete financial picture. At JMS Wealth Services, we walk through the steps necessary to determine if you have adequate coverage for the present and the future. We can also help determine if insurance can be used in a more efficient manner within your overall plan.

Cash Flow-Based Retirement Planning

In our view, there is no magic number to get you to - and through - retirement. Retirement planning is a complex and fluid process that can have a substantial impact on your lifestyle. There are many moving parts which need to be coordinated in order to provide the comfort you desire during that stage of your life.

At JMS Wealth Services, we take an income-based approach to crafting your unique retirement plan. Through our use of a sophisticated planning tool, we are able to illustrate to our clients a single, holistic view of their financial position.

We analyze many areas, including:

  • • Determining income needs and implementing a strategy to meet your objective

  • • Optimizing Social Security benefits

  • • Sequence of return risk

  • • Tax rate risk

  • • Calculating and processing required minimum distributions

  • • Monitoring of asset mix and overall performance versus benchmarks

As you move toward and through retirement, we help manage the numerous transitions to ensure your plan is on track and you can be confident in your decision making.




Education Planning

As costs for higher education escalate, planning and saving, have become more vital than ever before. We review the available savings vehicles for education, including 529 College Saving Plans and Coverdell Education Savings Accounts, to determine the appropriateness of their inclusion in your education savings plan. It is unlikely college costs will decline, but your anxiety can be lowered with a confident plan of attack.

Estate Planning

You want to leave a legacy. Whether it involves leaving your heirs as much of your estate as possible or maximizing what you can leave to charity, having the right estate plan is of vital importance. Proper estate planning can:

  • • Pass on your estate according to your wishes

  • • Ensure financial security for your family during your life and after your death

  • • Provide liquidity to cover taxes, debts and expenses

  • • Reduce taxes, administrative expenses and transfer delays

We will work with your attorney or can refer you to a trusted attorney within our professional network to develop a strategy and coordinate the execution of it for you.

Charitable Giving

Many have the desire to give back to their community in a meaningful way, but have trouble committing to charity due to concerns over their own financial security. We advise our clients in a variety of areas as they relate to philanthropy including how to not only maximize what they may be able to give from their estate, how to minimize current taxes, and the best ways to be involved in their charitable giving during their lifetime. JMS Wealth Services has strong relationships with and intimate knowledge of local foundations which enables us to educate our clients and assist them in executing their charitable wishes.


Italicized services are provided in partnership with other trusted advisors within our professional network.

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