About Us

Investment Philosophy

At JMS Capital Group Wealth Services, we take a different approach to portfolio construction. Given today's challenging investment landscape, we believe an endowment approach to managing client assets can provide superior outcomes when compared to traditional asset allocation models. An endowment-style investment strategy refers to an asset allocation methodology which seeks to generate higher risk-adjusted returns than a traditional 60/40 stock/bond portfolio with lower volatility by expanding the number of asset classes and strategies used to create a portfolio. Our focus on risk management and income-producing assets helps lower overall portfolio volatility, yet still allows us to take advantage of opportunities within global markets over the long-term.

Our History

JMS Capital Group was formed in order to provide meaningful investment opportunities to high net worth individuals, families, and businesses. Our investment philosophy has led us to combine the efforts of three distinct teams - Wealth Services, Real Estate and Development - in order to deliver a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to help our clients meet their financial objectives.

Our Vision

To distinguish JMS Capital Group as a trusted partner, leader and provider of unique investment strategies for growing and protecting wealth.

Our Mission

We aspire to assist our clients in achieving financial security. It is our commitment to provide the highest level of service, to communicate openly and clearly, to deliver meaningful investment strategies and to put your best interests first.