Business owners face a complex array of decisions on a regular basis, each of which has a lasting impact on the overall health of their company. We assist our clients in making smart decisions in a variety of areas in their efforts to attract and retain talented employees which ultimately drives the value of their business.

Retirement Plan Management

As part of an independent retirement plan review, we advise on designs which benefit both owners and employees. With the decline of defined benefit plans, self-funded defined contribution plans have become very important and are a key aspect of attracting talented employees and retaining them for the long-term.

We are independent; therefore, we have the ability to partner with leaders in the retirement plan industry to deliver easy-to-manage and flexible retirement plan solutions. We provide ongoing investment oversight for retirement plans in addition to education for participants.

Captive Insurance Investment Management

Business owners start captive insurance companies as part of the overall risk management strategy for their company(s).  All too often, however, captive owners are not taking the appropriate amount of risk WITHIN their captive, be it too much or too little. When constructing a captive investment portfolio, a risk managed approach can provide numerous benefits.  While every captive has different needs and objectives, we consistently put liquidity, capital preservation and income potential at the forefront of every asset allocation strategy so that the captive looks and feels like a true insurance company.

Executive Bonus Plans

When used effectively, executive bonus plans can be a valuable business tool to help attract and retain key employees. JMS Wealth Services can help design and implement plans tailored to the needs of your business that are not subject to traditional qualified plan limits.

Succession Planning

The decision to exit one's own business is often emotional and very complex for the owner. An appropriate plan is an essential component for preserving the value of the company for the benefit of the owner and their heirs. Typically, a significant portion of a business owner's net worth is comprised of the company and their retirement plan involves extracting value from the business in the form of income or lump-sum payout. Planning for such a liquidity event in advance can help minimize the tax burden and maximize the value an owner receives from their company.