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Published February 19th, 2024 by JMSCapitalGroup

Noah Smith has an expansive summary of climate and energy developments, illustrated by a number of useful charts. The earth has undergone significant warming in the past 175 years, but some of the more apocalyptic scenarios, such as temperatures rising more than 4 degrees Celsius, appear unlikely:

Warming of 1.5 degrees Celsius is probably already baked in, but policy responses and clean energy development appear likely to keep warming in the 2-3 degree range.

Carbon dioxide emissions have also become more broadly distributed, so that developed countries are responsible for a relatively smaller share than in years past; China is now the world’s largest CO2 emitter by a significant margin:

Green energy adoption is occurring rapidly:

Costs of clean energy have fallen steeply, including solar energy:

Economic growth and carbon dioxide emissions no longer move hand in hand. In many developed countries, the link has been broken:

In numerous emerging markets, the ties between growth and emissions have weakened:

Smith argues that we have the technological tools to limit the damage from climate change without blocking economic growth. Though market forces amidst declining costs are a powerful tailwind to green energy, the rate and extent of climate change mitigation is ultimately a political question, to be addressed nationally and globally.


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