• Feb 8
  • Jan 12

    Q4 2017 Market Commentary

    Year-End 2017 Key Takeaways The fourth quarter capped yet another stellar year for U.S. stocks. Larger-cap U.S. stocks gained 6.6% for the quarter and ended the year with a 21.7% total ...

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  • Nov 9
  • Oct 13

    Q3 2017 Market Commentary

    Third Quarter 2017 Key Takeaways Despite its reputation as the worst seasonal period for stocks, global stock markets rallied again. Emerging‐market stocks were strongest, surging 8%, followed by European stocks, ...

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  • Oct 12

    The Next Fed Head

    President Trump recently stated his intention to choose the next Federal Reserve Chief in the near future, reportedly before he leaves Nov. 3rd for an overseas trip to Asia and ...

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  • Sep 13

    Let's Get Trendy!

    People inherently participate in trends whether they know it or not. You’ve inevitably moved to buy the latest and greatest technology like a wearable fitness tracker or the newest ...

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