Severe Coronavirus Outbreak Could Cost U.S. Health Insurers $90 Billion

Published April 1st, 2020 by JMSCapitalGroup

S&P Global Analysts estimate that a severe coronavirus outbreak could cost US health insurers $90 billion in medical expenses, leading to losses for those insurers. There could also be a substantial financial impact for consumers who seek treatment for the coronavirus as well.  In Seattle, the first major metro area to get hit hard by the coronavirus, out-of-pocket costs for an urgent care visits can cost as much as $300, and the cost of the COVID-19 diagnostic test costs at least $200. John M. Schneider and his team of wealth advisors at JMS Capital Group Wealth Services can advise you on how to save for retirement and still have enough in your rainy-day fund for unexpected expenses. Call 412-415-1177 for wealth management advice.

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